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Civilization VI (6)


Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is the sixth instalment in the popular strategy game series.

Like all good sequels, Civ VI is both similar and different to 2010’s Civ V. All the core mechanics and gameplay systems that we saw in Civ V and its expansions, such as trade routes, religion and espionage are present but with subtle differences. Trade routes, for example, are now used to establish roads between settlements rather than using Workers to build roads for you. Workers themselves are gone altogether, replaced by Builders, who now have a set number of uses before they disappear.

Another major change is that cities now have districts – a concept we saw in the excellent 4x game Endless Legend. However, unlike Endless Legend‘s districts, Civilization VI ones have specific purposes – for example all your research buildings will be built on a campus tile.

There are changes to research itself too: it’s become more active. Your empire learns by doing – for example if you want to research masonry then it’ll be learnt twice as quickly if you have a quarry.

The AI leaders behave in a more varied ways too, which are appropriate to their historical personalities. But in order to keep things fresh there are also some non-historical traits that will be randomly assigned at the start of each game.

All-in-all this is a worthy successor to the excellent Civ V  and will satisfy both experienced players and those new to the franchise.

Civilization VI Launch Trailer

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