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Civilization VI Finally Has Cross-Platform Multiplayer, Red Shell Also Removed

After nearly two years, Civilization VI now has cross-platform multiplayer, meaning that players on PC and Mac can finally play against each other.

Cross-platform multiplayer was promised when the game was launched in October 2016, with Aspyr – the developer who ported the game for Mac users – saying they expected the feature to be available after the 60 day patch.

However, the 60 day patch came out in December 2016 and those who wished to play with people using other operating systems have had to wait another 575 days for cross-platform to be available.

Aspyr have previously stated that they understood how frustrating the delays had been, and that enabling cross-platform for Civ VI was significantly more complicated than for Civilization V (which they had also ported).

Cross-platform is currently only available between PC and Mac, although Aspyr say that an update enabling cross-platform for Linux players is ‘on its way’.

This update wasn’t just good news for those who wished to play the game with their friends on other OS. Developers Firaxis Games and 2K have also taken this opportunity to remove a piece of software called Red Shell.

Red Shell has been embedded in various games, including Civ VI, in order to collect data about users’ devices. In theory Red Shell allows developers to see how effective their advertising is. However, the fact that it was installed without users’ knowledge, in order to collect their data has been viewed by many players as frightening. particularly as the software shares its name with some spyware that was circulating 14 years ago.

Most developers who have installed the software have since removed it from their games since the news of existence surfaced. Civ VI was one of the last major titles to still contain it, before this patch was released.

While the developers have now removed the software, the Firaxis Games and 2K did not comment on its inclusion in the game, with the patch notes only stating ‘removed Red Shell’.

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