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Empire of Sin is a crime RPG which is set in 1920s Prohibition-era Chicago. Players must ‘hustle, charm and intimidate’ in a bid to keep astray and rise to the top in this dangerous noir-inspired criminal world. The game blends real-time and turn-based, and features real-life criminal figure Al Capone.

Key features of Empire of Sin include:

  • Build a crime empire, including selecting rackets, building a team of loyal mobsters, and expanding your influence.
  • Defend and extend territory.
  • Explore the streets of vibrant 1920s Chicago, with a host of characters and scenarios.
  • Wield your influence by bribing cops, trading on the black market, and making and breaking alliances.
  • Multiple victory strategies.

Critics have been mostly impressed with Empire of Sin. PC World stated that the game was ‘a pleasant surprise’, adding that ‘it’s an ambitious idea in a genre that’s often prone to stagnation’.