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Our database contains a growing collection of titles that offer freedom, strategy and non-linearity.


We love sandbox games. In recent years, largely owing to the success of smash-hit games like Minecraft, freedom in gaming is growing. Sandbox games are becoming more and more mainstream and we think that is awesome! There are even elements of “sandboxness” in triple-A titles like Call of Duty and Assassins Creed. The more freedom that exists for the player in a sandbox game, the more we’ll want to play it. That’s why we set-up Sandbox DB. It’s our way of sharing the great sandbox games we’ve found, to keep abreast of new developments and also to encourage the growth of the genre.


Dan Wiseman – Co-Founder / Technical Manager / Tycoon Lover

Professionally, Dan runs Web Wise Media – a web marketing agency based in the South West of England. Dan has been playing games since he was a kid, after saving up his wages from his paper route to buy a Game Boy. Dan is a self-confessed efficiency maniac, and loves the thrill of optimising crafting systems in games, and building business empires.

Ambition: to build his own sandbox game studio, making the games he loves (if you are reading this and want to invest so Dan can start, email us!)

Favourite games: Minecraft, Port Royale Series and Open TTD.


Tristan Rogers – Co-Founder / Content Manager / Comedy Expert

Tristan is one-fifth of the comedy sketch group The Jest and an actor. He was briefly a Cornish mathematician before heading to Exeter University to become a Cornish drama student. He obtained an MA in Acting from East 15 Acting School and is now a Cornish actor.

Favourite games: Caravaneer, Minecraft and Factorio.


Joe Mills – Jack-Of-All-Trades / The Eye For Detail / Newcastle United Obsessive

Joe is a multi-talented actor as well as being a trained computer scientist. He studied at Newcastle University (which definitely wasn’t anything to do with his love for the football club) before studying Acting at East 15.

Favourite games: Theme Hospital, Football Manager and OpenTTD.


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