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Dan’s Game Calendar

In this golden age of gaming, it is a fact of life that there are always more great games to buy than my bank balance allows! So to me help me keep organised I will share below some of the upcoming ‘must-haves’ that I am hoping to purchase.

Here we go:


Ymir: 15th March (Early Access)

Ymir is already in a great state, despite only releasing on early access on 15th March. It looks like my perfect game; a complex economic simulation, trading, diplomacy, made for multiplayer, procedural environments, automated military and strategic planning – it has it all. Heavily influenced by some of my all time favourite games: Civilization, the Caesar series, Pharaoh, Anno, Age of Empires, Travian, Ogame and Stronghold Kingdoms.


Final Fantasy 7 on Nintendo Switch: 26th March

Simply put: one of my favourite RPG’s of all time. And now I can play it on-the-go on my Switch. What’s not to like!?


Tropico 6: 29th March

The Tropico series has always been great. Especially with friends. This new games allows you to build your city across multiple islands and introduces new transport options.


Satisfactory: March

I love Factorio. Me and some buddies put hundreds of hours into it. Satisfactory looks like a 3D Factory.


Anno 1800: 16th April

Anno 1404 is my favourite city-builder / trading game. Unfortunately the sequels marred the good name of the series but from what I’ve seen of this latest entry – it could be back on track. Anno 1800 also introduces trains, so… you know, BUY!


Pokemon Sword and Shield: 2019

The latest Pokemon game looks beautiful. Not sure of a release date yet, but being a mainline Pokemon instalment, it’s a must-have.


A note on Pre-orders and Early Access

As always, I strongly advocate against pre-ordering and in most-cases; buying into early access. Pre-orders are killing the games industry. My policy is to only buy “in dev” games if you want to support a small indie studio or solo developer. Or, buy into early access games if the product is finished enough to be fun, and the game will remain in early access for a long time because the developer just wants to keep adding cool stuff to it.

So – what have I missed? What have you got your eyes on? Please leave your comments below, it’s great to hear from our readers. And if you like this sort of content, I’ll post more 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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