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Civilization VI Spring 2017 Update

The Spring 2017 update summery for Civilization VI for PC, Mac and Linux has been released.  This is the third major update for the game. It includes a number of balance changes, AI adjustments, multiplayer changes, and bug fixes.

The most exciting feature of Sid Meier’s Civilization VI update is that it will scale warmonger penalties, both in diplomacy and when capturing cities. Other key new improvements to note are harbours now give a major adjacency bonus and the Royal Navy Dockyard (the English unique building) now always provides +1 Trade Route capacity, even if the city already has a commercial hub.

Smaller tweaks include improved coordination for multiple attacking units and AI should now generally accept embassies when neutral, and reject when unfriendly. The multiplayer function has also received improvements by expanding internet games list to show results from additional regions. Finally, there is added additional information to defeat/victory screens, so players will be clearer on why they have lost the game!

To coincide with the release of the update, two new civs will be available to – so long as you buy the DLC containing them. You will be able to purchase Macedonia and Persia – led by Alexander the Great and Cyrus respectively.

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