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Astrox Imperium is a space action RPG set in an open-world universe. It is a single-player game in the tradition of Homeworld and EVE.

After an ecological depression led the world into chaos, a giant space ship called the ‘Imperium’ was built. Its main purpose was to restore order launch mankind into the future. Unfortunately, the ship was destroyed, taking most of humanity with it. This game is set 230 years after this event and deals with events surrounding the descendants of the survivors.

Key features of Astrox Imperium include:

  • Classic space game mechanics.
  • Non-linear story.
  • Open world.
  • 100 maps to explore with unique resources and secrets.
  • Ability to fly ships.
  • Camera control with 3D rotational focus.
  • Mining options with 12 different types of resources to collect.
  • More than 100 different skills to learn.
  • Refining, craft and trading options.
  • 15 unique mission types.
  • 18 factions.
  • Real-time, tactical and strategic combat options.
  • Hundreds of weapons, drones and ships.
  • Smart AI.