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Between the Stars is an action RPG in which players must captain a space cruiser and fight against their enemies.

According to the developers, the game has ‘traces of RPG, management and roguelike elements’ and the player must take on the role of Captain and protect civilization from a villainous faction known as the Children of the Sun. Consequently, players must cross the galaxy and make complex decisions in order to carry out a successful mission.

Key features of Between the Stars include:

  • Ability to fight in space battles, including making use of the ship’s special abilities.
  • Ability to earn achievements, earn new ships and choose captains according to fighting style.
  • Procedurally generated sectors, star maps and space stations.
  • A variety of missions and ability to equip ships, upgrade equipment and recruit new crew.
  • Accountability – each decision that the player makes will have an effect on the game.