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We Happy Few


Set in a terrifying version of an English city in 1964, We Happy Few forces players to hide in plain sight to escape their fellow citizens.

The game’s timeline deviates from history in 1933 and see Germany win World War 2. The inhabitants of Wellington Wells have to do something terrible, which they refer to as the Very Bad Thing and so invent a drug called Joy, making everyone overly jolly. Taking the drug is not optional.

You play as someone who would rather not take their medication and therefore needs to get beyond the city limits. However, Wellington Wells’s residents do not take well to the Downers who refuse Joy.

It happens that taking Joy makes you ultra violent, so in order to escape you’ll need to be competent at three things: combat, conforming and stealth. Weapons and other items can be found and crafted using the game’s crafting mechanics. As well as not being killed, you need to stay alive by regularly eating and drinking.

We Happy Few‘s developers stress that you are not a super hero, rather you’re a normal person and this means that you not going to kill someone with one punch and if you die there are no save points.

The game has successfully reached its Kickstarter funding target.

We Happy Few Pre-Alpha Gameplay


We Happy Few Exceeds Kickstarter Goal
8 Jul 2015