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We Happy Few Exceeds Kickstarter Goal

Brutal dystopian survival game We Happy Few has been successfully funded on Kickstarter – and then some.

The game, set in an alternant version of England in 1964, was originally seeking $250,000 CAD but has ended up raising $334,754 CAD. This means that some four additional stretch goals have been reached. Most excitingly, the game will contain a Sandbox Mode, which will allow the player to specify the size of Wellington Wells – the town that they are trying to escape – and the strength of the citizens that will be trying to stop you.

The other stretch goals include giving the game authentic British weather – that is to say making it all grey and drizzly. There will also be more versions of Joy into the game (Joy is the drug that all the well behaved citizens of Wellington Wells take in order to forget something horrific that happened) plus we’ll be getting more content from Uncle Jack, the weird, in-game TV host.

We’re also hopeful that they will add the final stretch goal that wasn’t reached anyway: the ability to play as one of the oppressive, drugged-up citizens of Wellington Wells and hunt down those that are trying to break free.

During the campaign the developers, Compulsion Games, also announced that We Happy Few would be released for Mac and Linux.

Backers who paid to be given access to the pre-alpha version of the game should have their access codes sent to them this coming Friday, 10th July.

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