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Urban Empire


Urban Empire is a ‘city builder’ game with a novel difference – its gameplay includes making political decisions too! This is the very reason why Urban Empire is referred to as a ‘city ruler’ and not just a ‘city builder’ game.

Urban Empire begins in 1820 and puts you in charge of a mayoral dynasty. You then get to lead your city and people through 200 years of history. As a mayor, you will face many challenges including political struggles such as women’s rights and child labor. Above all, you will need to meet the demanding needs of your citizens. To excel in all these areas you must prevail against opposing parties and guide your city through technological advancements and ideological revolutions.

Most interestingly, there’re up to 1000 dynamic events that represents the twists and turns of urban life. As the mayor, you must show your political mastermind to keep your city safe and happy – be a mayor player!

Urban Empire Trailer