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Tropico 5


In Tropico 5 you control a small tropical island in the Caribbean.

You adopt the role of El Presidente, the person given control by Her Majesty’s Government of the day-to-day running of the island. You control the island from the end of the 19th Century through to the Modern Era.

Essentially it’s about how corrupt you choose to be as the glorious leader (or brutal dictator). Do you think you can win the elections because you’re such a popular president or should you rig them just to be safe?

Other key decisions include how you should break free of your colonial ties and which side you should pick in the cold war. If you misjudge these then you should expect an invasion, so make sure your military is up to scratch.

Tropico 5 is hugely fun (who doesn’t want to try their hand at being a dictator) and unlike other instalments in the Tropico series you can play with your mates in a multiplayer mode which supports up to 4 players.

Tropico 5 Trailer

Espionage Expansion Released for Tropico 5
29 May 2015