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Trove is an exciting multi-universe adventure game where you can build whatever you want, explore as much as you want and adventure to your hearts content. BUT, unlike similar games in the voxel building genre, your world does not remain the same. Instead Trove has infinite randomly-generated universes that the player journeys through, bringing you ever-changing canvasses to splurge your creativity.

The gameplay structure is simple: each world has a beginning, you then live in the world, you create, destroy, explore, adventure… and then the world ends, whenever it likes. You are then transported to a new world, a new universe, where you can explore, destroy and conquer all over again. This time however, all the things you have created in the previous world still exist, they may not show up again in this new world, but maybe the next, or the next, as each new world pulls from the previous worlds you have inhabited.

Trove Game Trailer



Trove is now in open beta
10 Nov 2014
Online crafting RPG Trove enters closed beta – PC Gamer
20 Oct 2014