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The First Men is a real-time 4x strategy/fantasy sim. Players are able to establish a civilization. The first step is customising the first humans and going from there. Crucially, diplomacy, warfare and settlement management are big aspects of the game.

The official synopsis states that ‘six eras have been passed’ and ‘the world and the cosmos have been created’. Importantly, ‘all the creatures that walk, swim, crawl and fly’ have already taken their first steps on the earth. However, humans are yet to walk the earth, and the game picks up at exactly this point.

Key features of The First Men include:

  • A wide variety of combinations for customizing first men and women characters.
  • Hundreds of traits/characteristics and individual abilities.
  • Complex character-driven gameplay.
  • An immersive and exciting fantasy world in which players are free to roam, discover and interact with other races.
  • Ability to build a huge number of different structure and technologies to be invented.
  • Opportunity for characters to go on expeditions. They can gain new experience and collect important items.
  • Real-time combat system incorporating animal as well as human opponents.
  • Various game modes, unique stories, and skirmish maps.
  • Single-player and multiplayer capability.
  • Workshop support.
  • In-game map editor.