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Ymir is a strategy city builder game which allows the player to develop a medieval civilization of pig men.

The pig men (‘pigs with clothes’) in Ymir exist within a fully procedural world where each of the specific regions is random and unique, differing according to climate, resources and relief. These regions can be explored, built on and developed. The player is expected to focus on trade and treaties in order to avoid battles that are played out in real time.

Key features:

Players must focus on economic and military matters. Consequently, players are expected to fulfill a variety of important duties alongside Ymir‘s complex economic simulation. These include sourcing materials for buildings, producing just the right amount of something, and designing the correct defensive strategies.

The player’s city produces a material wealth which is divided between each of the social classes depending on their income. Consequently, the class with the most money monopolizes the largest share, and the types of resources available increase depending on how much money is available.

Ymir is a 4X multiplayer game, and is divided in two 2 main interfaces:

  • A world map view
  • A regional view.

Ymir game modes:

  • Real-time mode – can be played alone or with company.
  • Permanent mode – game server is left running 24 hours a day, and action continues to take place while the player is offline.