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Sol 0: Mars Colonization


Sol 0 is a real time strategy game where you begin colonising Mars. You start off by landing on the red planet and your goal is to build your settlement from the first human colony into a bustling Martian hub.

You’ll face various challenges, including surviving the harsh conditions as you struggle to extract subsurface water and minerals. Unlike many alien planet colonisations games, Sol 0 is set in the near future and you use technology that could feasibly be available in the next 10 years or so.

You start off landing an astronaut and some supplies on the surface of the red planet. You then need to start building your base so it can support more astronauts and colonists. As your base grows you can send bigger rockets with more supplies, but you still need to take care of oxygen generation, power water and food cultivation so your population doesn’t start to die off.

You also have to deal with dust storms and meteors that are intent on destroying what you’ve built, but in time you can launch weather satellites and build radar stations to give you prior warning and also you can upgrade parts of your colony with armour.

Your eventual goal is to become self-sufficient by mining ore, clay and gypsum to produce your own supply crates as when you can declare independence from Earth the resupply rockets stop being sent.

Sol 0 has been greenlit on Steam and the developers hope to make the game available on Steam soon. For now it’s in open beta and available to buy for what seems to be a very reasonable price of  $3.99.

Sol 0 Trailer