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RimWorld is an indie space colony management game.

You begin with a few colonists and you need to build up your base using the resources in the area that you’ve landed in. However, the game is filled with random events that can cripple your settlers, ranging from blights killing off all your crops to raids by pirates. But there are also good events that can happen too. Maybe an escape pod lands with a fresh colonist inside or a wild wolf tames itself and joins your settlement.

Your colonists are individuals with a range of different skills and personality traits that can help or hinder you. You’ll need colonists who are adept when it comes to using weapons and growing crops so everyone can eat, as well as those who can make clothing, construct rooms and craft items. And in this unforgiving world it’s always handy to have a doctor or two.

RimWorld bills itself as a story generator. To create a vast range of stories you get to select your storyteller at the beginning of a game – do you want your game to progress gradually with a normal difficulty curve – or do you want crazy, random events to happen all over the place? Whatever you choose, you can be sure that no two games of RimWorld will be the same.

Explore the WHOLE RimWorld in new Wanderlust update
12 Jan 2017