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Seven: The Days Long Gone


Seven: The Days Long Gone is a 3D isometric, stealth-centric role-playing game. The user takes on the role of a lone traveller who is able to explore a nonlinear, sandbox world.

In Seven: The Days Long Gone‘s post-apocalyptic world, Master Thief Teriel’s chief goal is to avoid prison at all costs. The player must avoid deceit and betrayal, using a combination cunning and clandestine skills.

The setting is the island of Peh, which is open to the user. You are able to sneak, run and climb across this island. There are, however, a few dangerous obstacles along the way.

Key features include:

  • The ability to choose your own playing style. The user can choose whether to go in all guns blazes with a range of weapons, or adopt a more stealth-like approach to avoid being seen. With stealth, you are less likely to be accosted by the guards.
  • A variety of characters will be encountered on this post-apocalyptic prison island. These range from prisoners and slaves to the upper echelons of island society.
  • Stealing and assassination are key options within the game. The user also has the option of interacting with systems and hacking. But doing so in full view will mean facing consequences.

Seven: The Days Long Gone and its distinct cyberpunk style has been by well-received critics. Rock Paper Shotgun reserved particular praise for allowing the user to create their own path through this world. The online publication stated that it introduces ‘the key moves and manoeuvres of an Assassin’s Creed game into the more traditional RPG questing and talking and deciding and stabbing mix. That is to say, mantling, jumping, ziplining, lunging.’