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Seeds of Resilience is a turn-based building management game set on a deserted island. Players must craft and construct a village whilst contending with natural disasters.

The main incentive of the game is to create this village from scratch. To do this, players can make use of a variety of resources along the way. Fans of historically accurate games may be glad to hear that the building techniques featured in the game are authentic to the medieval period.

The game was originally called Stormland. However, the developers were forced to changed the name. This was due to another developer surprisingly announcing a game with the same name (set for release in 2019).

Key features of Seeds of Resilience include:

  • Players have the opportunity to construct a community from the ground up. This can range from simple construction to elaborate design and industrial workshops.
  • There are a variety of natural environments to reflect the climate and the seasons.
  • Players can take their time building their village in this turn-based game. Additionally, they can ‘click the end turn button’ when they want to begin a new day.
  • Detailed and authentic medieval construction techniques are a staple of the game.
  • The game features authentic environmental responses to human activity.