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Aven Colony is a city-building and sci-fi strategy game where you convert an alien planet into a human colony.

You start off by landing on Aven Prime; an alien planet light years away from our own. You are then free to build your colony from scratch; being in charge of a wide range of responsibilities from people management to construction and resource gathering.

Aven Colony brings together the fun of a good city-building game with unique sci-fi aspects. In the game, you use objects like flying drones to build, upgrade, recycle and manage everything in your colony. Also, you must consider interesting aspects such as oxygen creation. describes the game simply as: “SimCity in space”.

As fun and interesting as it is, Aven Colony is also quite challenging. There are challenging environmental conditions you need to cope with. During the night, everything freezes over, no food grows and solar panels cease to work. On top of this, there’s an alien called “The Creep” which grows over buildings and you need to remove it before it becomes too dangerous.

To control every aspect of your colony you need to consider 12 different factors in the game, which range from happiness to crime.

Aven Colony Trailer