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Prehistoric Kingdom is a simulation and strategy tycoon game where the primary aim is to successfully build and manage a theme park containing a wide variety of prehistoric creatures.

In Prehistoric Kingdom, the player is able to take on the role of manager. After creating the terrain and physical layout of the park, the goal is to fill the park with creatures, make the park sustainable, and also keep a close eye on both park finances and popularity. As a result, the player also has to look after the welfare of staff, guests and creatures.

The gameplay is flexible, and there are 3 game modes – campaign, scenario, and sandbox, depending on how managerial the player is feeling.

Key features include:

  • Building modes, including terraforming, grid based and snapping options
  • Landscaping tools
  • Eight maps and climates to choose from, each with distinct landscape
  • First hand ‘ranger’ function, enabling player with experience of interacting with creatures at close range
  • 50 animal species
  • 100+ placeable structures

More Prehistoric Kingdom species, structures and features will be added going forward.