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Oxygen Not Included is a space colony survival sim, set in an alien world where player’s crews must ‘master science, overcome strange new lifeforms, and harness incredible space tech to survive’.

The main threat in the game is the scarcity of oxygen, warmth and food, and the player must guide their colonists through the various hazards and dangers that confront them. The overall aim is of course to survive and thrive.

Key features of Oxygen Not Included include:

  • The ability to build bases, whilst focusing on excavation and plumbing and power systems. All the while, resources decrease so players must work efficiently to ensure survival.
  • Focus on psychological impact on the colonists, and the important of fun diversions and great accommodation to ensure mental well-being is accounted for, and production remains efficient.
  • The ability to monitor environmental temperatures to prevent disaster.
  • The ability to create complex pipe systems to enhance efficiency.
  • Power grid simulations.
  • Extreme recycling
  • Complex and diverse procedurally generated worlds.