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Metropolisim is a strategy sim described as ‘the deepest city-building simulation experience ever’. Consequently, players can build, grow and manage cities. There is also a focus on constructing and organising budgets. By taking a firm control over the running of everything, players can achieve success.

After creating their city, the player can watch their mini-world grow into a metropolis. Many millions of inhabitants are fully simulated individuals with unique daily lives. In addition, players must take on a variety of roles in order to ensure their city thrives.

The developers are keen to draw upon classic city builders from the past. Additionally, there is a focus on advancing the genre with a range of new and exciting features and updates.

Key features of Metropolisim include:

  • The ability to build a city. After this the player can then take control whilst the city expands before their eyes. This includes overseeing all services, systems and necessary infrastructure.
  • An impressive amount of detail, including a population of over 10 million. There are also fully simulated characters and designated zoning areas for a variety of purposes.
  • An advanced transit and traffic system. This includes unique street options and various travel options.