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Lords & Peasants is a real-time strategy and building game set in medieval times. The player is able to take on the role of a lord and can develop their village into a thriving city.

As well as managing the city and controlling the peasants, the player can also recruit armies, conquer lands and form treaties in a bid to advance the kingdom.

The main features of Lord & Peasants are:

  • Individual Simulation of Peasants – the characters have their own biographies, including birth, age, traits and mannerisms.
  • Dynamic world – There is a whole world outside of the medieval towns and NPC villages, including bandit camps.
  • Diplomacy -persecution, trade and alliances are pivotal in advancing the player’s kingdom.
  • Multiplayer – up to 16 players can play, and if the player chooses, the game can continue playing after they leave.
  • Modding – game mechanics such as resources and production chains, and custom models and textures can be customized.