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In Impact Winter you are Jacob Solomon, a survivor of an asteroid strike that has plunged the Earth into a harsh, never-ending winter.

At the start of the game you and your band of survivors receive a radio transmission saying that you’ll be rescued in 30 days. Your task is simple: survive until then.

The map you play on is procedurally generated and the event that occur, along with the constantly changing weather, are all random meaning that no two games will be the same.

A key part of Impact Winter is scavenging, with hundreds of objects to find. These range from junk items which are only useful as fuel for the fire to important electronic components which, when combined with others, create items that can really increase your chances of survival

Your team have survivors each have different skills to ease your mission, from construction to medicine they can aid your chances of survival, as can your robot companion Ako-Light.

Impact Winter Gameplay Trailer