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The Long Dark


In The Long Dark, you find yourself in the Canadian wilderness following an apocalyptic event that rendered all of mankind’s technology useless.

The game is hyper realistic and you struggle to survive against the varied states that will cause your demise – hunger, thirst, the cold, disease, and injury. To combat these you must scavenge food and clean water, build fire and find shelter, all while not being ravaged by wolves or freezing to death.

It’s not so much a question of building a habitable shelter and crafting tools, like in other survival sims such as Rust and Life is Feudal, rather it’s about staving off death as long as possible. You will die.

While you can save your game if you need to go away from your computer, you can’t reload old saves if you happen to lose concentration and fall down a ravine or decide to take an ill-advised risk and drink some dodgy water. This is very much permadeath, folks. And that makes The Long Dark all the more terrifying.

In addition to the sandbox survival mode, The Long Dark features a story mode containing different episodes, each of which takes between 3 and 5 hours to complete and can be played at three levels of difficulty.

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