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Project gnh20 is a search and survival roguelike in the style of 2D Minecraft. The game prioritises complex, long and interesting gameplay and game mechanics, over top-flight graphics.

The game is set in a large and mysterious world, and the player acts as the hero who must investigate, explore and survive in this world.

Natural events in the world take place whilst the protagonist is surviving; trees grow and die, flooding occurs and animals continually breed. In the depths of the earth, volcanoes erupt, earthquakes shift layers of earth, and minerals are produced.

The player’s primary incentive is to search for materials and to survive as a result. Crafting and blocks are present in the game, but play second fiddle to the search and survive gameplay incentive.

Updates will focus on on creating new worlds, which the player will be able to reach after completing the first world. These new worlds will contain new features and mechanisms of life.

Project gnh20 Game Play