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Foundation is a medieval city building game, where the player is responsible for nurturing a small village into a booming settlement. The player fills the shoes of a feudal lord, granted land by the king with the intent of building a city and increasing wealth.

In Foundation, the player must build their city whilst contending with the Medieval machinations of everybody from the peasants, right the way up to the King. The player must, however, focus on building relations with neighbour settlements in order to improve access to rarer produce.

The main features of Foundation include:

  • Complete autonomy to build wherever the player likes, made easier by being able to build on hills, mountains, and on the edge of lakes and rivers.
  • The ability to construct road systems from small trails to large industrious highways.
  • The ability to divide specific land into a shape of the player’s choice, by means of a paint tool which can establish various zoning structures ranging from agricultural to commercial.
  • The ability to construct a variety of structures including churches and castles. In addition, the player can even import real historical topologies.