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The Guild 3 is a chronological follow-on from The Guild 2 where we find ourselves in middle Europe of the year 1400. The dark middle ages – that were once dominated through nobles and the clergy – have ended. A new era is beginning: the age of the free cities and of the free mind!

As a player you create your family dynasty, while all the NPC’s make their own decisions. You must provide your skills in handicraft, trading and in political situations! The Guild 3 is a unique mix of strategy, economic and historic simulation and role playing games, all in real time 3D. The game is enhanced by the atmospheric voice recording and medieval soundtrack.

Features of The Guild 3 include:

  • A world with a day and night cycle and the four seasons that can influence the world
  • Multiple “Story Quests”
  • Multiplayer experiences – up to 16 players at once!
  • Join one of the societies, support your fellows and get supported (e.g. the Freemasons and the Alchemists Guild) to access to special powers from your society
  • 12 unique scenario maps that comprise one or more cities and their surroundings, based on original historical locations in central and northern Europe

The Guild 3 Music Preview