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Final Fantasy XV


Final Fantasy XV is an open world action RPG.

The fifteenth instalment in the series, is – arguably – the first Final Fantasy game that features a true open world. In the game you play Noctis, the crown prince of Lucis and you need to travel around the world of Eos with your party completing various quests in order to save his homeland.

As with previous Final Fantasy games, XV blends sci-fi futuristic tech with classic fantasy elements. For example, when travelling around Eos you can travel either by Regalia, your car, or by Chocobos, giant ridable birds.

Combat is, of course, a key element of the game. When battling enemies in this edition of Final Fantasy, you face them in the environment where you find them, rather than transitioning to a separate arena. The combat itself doesn’t use menu interface, instead you select commands directly mapped to buttons on the controller, such as “Attack”, “Defend”, “Magic”, and “Item”, making for a much smoother system.

Final Fantasy XV Trailer