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DRL (Doom the Roguelike) is an unofficial, turn-based roguelike game, based on first-person shooters Doom and Doom II.

It is a fast-paced, combat-orientated roguelike that features ranged (as opposed to melee) combat. It’s pared down though in comparison to similar games, with a limited player inventory, and non-stackable items.

Key features of DRL (Doom the Roguelike) include:

  • Simple interface
  • Fast-paced, ‘coffee-break’ gameplay
  • 25 core levels
  • Difficulty levels and challenge modes
  • Ability to rate your ability as a player over several sessions

Recent updates include:

  • New special levels
  • New level generators

Due to a legal complaint from ZeniMax, the creators changed the name from DoomRL to DRL.