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Steam Summer Sale – Daily Sandbox Games Updates

The Steam Summer Sale has come to a close but here’s a list of the best daily deals on sandbox games for posterity’s sake.

20th June

So for the last 48 hours of the sale Steam are bringing back their most popular expired offers. Here are, in our opinion, the best deals to be had:

ARK: Survival Evolved – 17% off – £19.08

Banished – 75% off – £3.74

Cities: Skylines – 33% off – £15.40

Civilization: Beyond Earth – 60% off – £11.99

Civilization V – 75% off – £4.99

Divinity: Original Sin – 33% off – £20.09

Dying Light – 25% off – £29.99

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – 75% off – £2.49

Elite: Dangerous – 25% off – £29.99

Endless Legend – 50% off – £13:49

Far Cry 4 – 50% off – £22.49

The Forest – 33% off – £7.36

Galactic Civilizations III – 25% off – £22.49

H1Z1 – 50% off – £7.49

The Long Dark – 50% off – £7.49

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor – 50% off – £14.99

Prison Architect – 85% off – £2.99

Space Engineers – 50% off – £9.49

Terraria – 75% off – £1.74

19th June

Tropico is on offer today – you can get 75% off all the games in the tropical island city-builder series including the most recent instalment Tropico 5 which you can get for £9.24.

The Fallout series is also on offering: New Vegas is 75%, making it £2.49 and Fallout 3 is 66% off, making it £5.09.

18th June

Even though it’s only been out for a few weeks, ARK: Survival Evolved is 17% off, reducing the price to £19.08.

But if you’re after a bigger discount, say 75%, then what about the excellent city builder Anno 2070, which you can pick up for just £4.99.

Or if you prefer running away from zombies then there’s 25% off Dying Light, making it £29.99.

17th June

Let’s start with another franchise that’s been discounted, namely The Elder Scrolls. Now while you can get 75% off Morrowind and 66% off Oblivion, the real bargain has to be the 75% you can save on Skyrim reducing it to just £2.49.

Banished is also discounted by a generous 75%, meaning that you can buy the historic city-builder for £3.74.

Finally Offworld Trading Company is half-price, meaning you can pick it up for £14.99. While the game is in early access, it’s already finished to a high standard and offers an incredibly fun multiplayer game where playing the futuristic trading market is what it’s all about.

16th June

There are plenty more deals today so let’s dig in.

Firstly comes Elite: Dangerous, which is the fourth of our five Top Sandbox Games of 2014 to be discounted. It’s 25% off for the next 48 hours, reducing its price to £29.99.

(Don’t expect to see our fifth and final Top Sandbox Game of 2014 to be on sale – Caravaneer 2 is delightfully free-to-play.)

Next up on the price slashing conveyor belt is realistic survival sim Life is Feudal, which is reduced by half, making it £12.49. It is still in Early Access so don’t go expecting a finished game.

Space Engineers is also in Early Access and is also half price making it £9.49 – a snip if what you desire is to start engineering things in space.

Terraria has seen its price slashed by 75% meaning you can buy it for just £1.74.

Finally the Total War franchise has received various discounts on various games. You can get 33% off the most recent instalment Total War: ATTTILA making it £20.09.

15th June

Another franchise is on offer today: the Divinity series. The most recent instalment, Divinity: Original Sin is 33% off making it £20.09. Original Sin was one of the five recipients of our Top Sandbox Games of 2014 awards.

Although it’s still in early access, The Long Dark – a brutal survival game which pits you against a horrifically harsh winter – is still fantastic and is now half price, costing just £7.49.

The Galactic Civilization series is also discounted. Galactic Civilization III is 25% off meaning it now costs £22.49.

14th June

Today there are a few good franchises that have significant discounts.

Firstly The Far Cry series is discounted with the excellent Far Cry 4 half price, costing £22.49. Far Cry 4 is great and won one of our Top Sandbox Games of 2014 trophies.

Sid Meier’s Civilization series has also received wide ranging cuts including 60% off Civilization: Beyond Earth (making it £11.99) and 75% off Civilization V (making it £4.99).

As an alternative to Civilization you can play another wonderful 4x game (and another winner of a 2014 Sandy Award) Endless Legend which is reduced by half to £13.49.

Finally (at least when it comes sandbox games) the early access, open-world zombie survival game H1Z1 is also half off – it’s available for only £7.49.

13th June

The excellent prison building game Prison Architect is available with a massive 85% off making it just £2.99. While it still might be in early access it is well worth that tiny price tag.

Cities: Skylines – the game that delivered on all of the expectations that SimCity failed to meet – can be purchased for £15.40, which saves you 33%.

You can get Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor half price, meaning you can pick up the Lord of the Rings game for £14.99.

Plus there are dozens of other games on sale (including 66% off Football Manager and 60% off 7 Days to Die) and that’s just today.

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