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Our Rezzed ’15 Discoveries

Big Pharma Rezzed 2015

We went to EGX Rezzed 2015 and scoped out some exciting new games. Here are our discoveries:

The surprise for us was TerraTech. It’s really fun to play and also has good potential for developing into a massive, mod-driven sandbox game like Minecraft. Basically it’s Minecraft except you control a vehicle! It’s really enjoyable and accessible but you can also build a base and collect resources and so on. We can’t wait for them to get multiplayer working.

Big Pharma was amazing, as we thought is might be, and the hands on was really fun. It’s a game about manufacturing meds for the pharmaceutical industry – it’s all about efficiency within your factory… and ruthlessness.

Guild of Dungeoneering Rezzed 2015Also, a great little indie one to watch: Guild of Dungeoneering. It includes fun board-game-like mechanics but also a meta-game (which wasn’t in the demo build yet) where you have to build your Guild HQ.

We played Eden Star, which was a bit like a PC version of No Man’s Sky. It was quite deep but it needs more time. It looked amazing though in terms of graphical quality.

Adventure Box was an interesting ‘tool’. It’s a web based system that you can use to import your Minecraft worlds to and then create games out of them through a fun interface. We didn’t manage to do much with it in our five minute play, but it definitely has promise.

Maia is a space colony management game. The demo we played had nothing new from all the other space colony management games, and the interface was a little bit clunky! We’ll wait until the been developed a bit more and see what the results are.

Star Bound, which Dan actually already owns, had a big stall and looked awesome.

We’ve previously kickstarted Concrete Jungle and it seems to be shaping up well. There’s just the one guy developing it but he’s doing great work. The game merges deck-building mechanics with a cool graphical style.

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