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Project Highrise Launched on Steam & GOG

Project Highrise – the long awaited skyscraper building game from SomaSim, has now been released.

The game’s release was announced in a statement from its developers:

Kasedo Games and SomaSim are excited to announce that the long awaited building management sim, Project Highrise, is now available worldwide for PC & Mac on Steam.

In Project Highrise, players will not only be the architect of their building, but also the manager of the tenants and utilities inside. Build an exclusive address that will attract the rich and famous or a retail haven where visitors will flock from miles around to spend their hard-earned cash. Whatever strategy you go for, just remember to keep your tenants happy.

We are also excited to announce that Project Highrise will have full Steam Workshop support. With Steam Workshop, you can personalise your skyscraper with items that you have created such as offices or decorative items. Design a statue of yourself to place in your game, or design an office, retail unit or restaurant of the future and then share it with your friends or wider community.

Positive reviews

The game has garnered positive reviews, with a rating of over 9/10 from Steam users and a score of 74 so far on Metacritic.


Project Highrise is available for £14.99, $19.99, €19.99 on PC & Mac on Steam.


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