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Project Automata is coming along nicely!

Project Automata has been a game hot on our radar for a while now, and judging from these screenshots and recently released development details, the game is going to be pretty great once we finally get to play it! Here’s a summary of a recent newsletter with teaser screenshots:



The overall look of the game has been updated as the developers continue to adjust the shaders. New terrain textures have been applied, but this won’t be their final version. They’ve announced the incorporation of a terrain “atlas” in to the game that will help make the world look more natural.



The interface is to become lighter and clearer. They describe the style as ‘a combination of modern clean functionality and some 50’s era personality’.



They had this to say on the difficulty of the game: ‘Balancing a complex game like Project Automata will be a never ending battle, but you have to start somewhere! Our game designers have been drawing up the documents which list out the resources costs for buildings and the recipes for the products you’ll be able to manufacture in factories. In the first Alpha implementation, starting out might be fairly easy as we’re mostly interested in testing the mechanics. Later versions will make players more carefully consider their opening build strategy.’


The developers announced that Project Automata is almost ready to be shared with the public. They also said that they’re looking forward to having people give it a test drive and let them know what they think about the game so far.

There was also a teaser shot of something they’ll be releasing soon…


If you’re interested in more updates on Project Automata, you can subscribe to their newsletter here:



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