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Prison Architect Alpha 35 Launched

It’s the end of the month which means: Prison Architect Alpha 35 is out.

As promised last month this update expands on the gangs feature. Now occasionally a legendary prisoner will enter your prison and will become a gang leader. These gang leaders can recruit more members and also organise a leadership structure, with lieutenants heading up groups of soldiers. If you put a gang leader in solitary or lockdown then the gang members will become angry.

Gangs also want to control territory within your prison in order to extort money. You can try and reclaim the territory with your guards but the gang will try and defend it. Gangs can also try and win territories from other gangs, if they’re strong enough.

The developers also announced that Prison Architect will be leave early access in October this year, when it will receive its official release.

You can read the full changelog here.

Prison Architect Alpha 35 Release Video

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