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Prison Architect Alpha 33 Makes It Nice for Prisoners

Prison Architect Alpha 33 has been released and it gives you the opportunity to make your prisoners’ lives more pleasant.

Each prison cell receives a score depending on how luxurious it is. The score depends on the size of the cell, the items within it and whether it has a window that faces outside. The guards then match the cells to prisoners depending on how well those prisoners have been behaving, encouraging them to behave well. But prisoners in lower quality cells are more likely to misbehave as they have less to lose.

Also added to the game is a new room: the Mail Room. Every day letters for your prisoners get delivered and then sorted, so long as you have assigned prisoners to work there. These letters will then be delivered tot eh prisoners’ cells and reading them will boost their family, recreation and comfort scores. However, mail is also a source of contraband.

They’ve also tweaked some elements involving fire: entities now actively avoid it and fire fighters take 75% less damage than everyone else.

Read the full changelog here.

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