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Prison Architect Alpha 27 Released

The newest patch for Prison Architect, Alpha 27, has been released and with it comes lots of clever new tweaks to improve the gaming experience. Alpha 27’s main aim is to fix the food algorithm (which you might remember, they attempted to fix in Alpha 26). This version’s new system allows you to better utilise multiple canteen and kitchens through the new logistics button (found under the deployment tab). This enables you to choose which kitchens supply which canteens and which prison blocks eat in which canteens. It also shows you supply and demand stats enabling you to make sure all your prisoners can be fed efficiently.

Also new in Alpha 27 is changes to the reform programmes – meaning that you can manually schedule programmes to run at particular times rather than relying on Prison Architect’s AI to sort it all out for you (the AI isn’t flawless in this respect).

In addition to these fixes, Alpha 27 introduce the new ability to tap the phones in the prison, allowing you to discover when prisoners arrange for contraband to be thrown over the walls. Also you can discover prisoners’ reputations, including two new reputations – ‘Skilled Fighter’ and ‘Expert Fighter’ – these guys are able to disarm your guards in battle and use their weapons against them; it’s safe to say these guys should be trusted.

All in all, the release of Prison Architect Alpha 27 is -while not revolutionary – a good step forward in terms of making Prison Architect more playable and -therefore – more enjoyable for the seasoned prison builder.

Read the full patch notes here.

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