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This Is the Police Funded on Kickstarter

We’re excited to see that This Is the Police has exceeded its funding goal on Kickstarter by a massive $10,000. This means that developers Weappy will begin in earnest their work to get the game up and running, hopefully by the end of the year. What’s more, because the exceeded one of their stretch goals the game should also be available on Mac and Linux as well as containing a new game mode (although they’ve released very few details about that).

In This Is the Police you play a police chief who is forced into retirement by a corrupt Mayor. In the 180 days you have left in the job you have to make enough money to retire on – and not necessarily by doing what’s legal. During the game you have make snap decisions regarding how your officers respond to crimes as well as dealing with being the face of Freeburg’s police force, by attending press conferences and the like. It’s up to you to decide which officers to hire and fire and how to handle the different factions within the city that are vying for power, from the trade unions to the church to city hall. And remember to balance your books, both your legitimate accounts and your ill-gotten gains.

If you finish the game entering retirement broke don’t worry, at least you’re not in prison. Or in the mortuary.

This Is the Police looks to be a strategy game with a difference. Will Weappy deliver on their ideas? We certainly hope so.

For more information check out their Kickstarter page.

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