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New No Man’s Sky Video Showcases Different Ways to Play

We’ve learnt a bit more about what you’ll be able to do in No Man’s Sky.

In a video feature recorded with IGN (which you can watch below), Sean Murray – the founder of Hello Games – played the game and spoke about the different things you’ll be able to do.

While the No Man’s Sky contains the largest and most detailed universe that any of us will have ever seen, it is possible to prosper without visiting any of the achingly beautiful planets. You can buy resources cheaply at a space station and then head else where and sell them for a profit. You can then use the units you earn (units are the in-game currency) to buy upgrades for your ship and weapons. Like the planets, the ships and weapons are procedurally generated and the are ‘hundreds of thousands’ of combinations.

However, if being a merchant doesn’t appeal then you can get resources by visiting the planets and mining them. You’ll also earn credits for discovering new species and uploading them to the central database. The rarer the species are the more units you’ll receive. If you’re the first player to discover something then you get to name it.

Of course, you can play as fighter – attacking other players or even destroying whole space stations, although this will attract a lot of attention from those authorities.

Ultimately, the message of No Man’s Sky is that you can do pretty much anything you can imagine. And you’ll have a very attractive setting in which to do it.

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