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Minecraft 1.9 – Combat Update goes live

Minecraft has received a major update, courtesy of the release of version 1.9 – Combat Update.

This long awaited update introduces shields and with it, the ability to dual-wield. However, each weapon now has a cool down, affecting how often you can swing it.

Lots of other changes have been made. The End has now become markedly different with new monsters. You can also now spawn the Ender Dragon again, after you kill it. Plus you can make glider wings for yourself, which look pretty spectacular.

For a full list of features check out Mojang’s announcement here.

The last major update (1.8 – Bountiful Update) was released in 2014, and we’ve all been waiting for 1.9 – Combat Update since it was announced in April last year. Hopefully we won’t have to wait as long until the next Minecraft update.

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