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No Man’s Sky’s Combat and Exploration Demonstrated

In a short demonstration at E3, Hello Game’s Sean Murray gave us a glimpse of the gameplay we can expect in No Man’s Sky (video below).

He started off by briefly showing how combat works in what is one of the largest sandbox games ever to be created.

However, the core of the presentation focused on exploration. He picked a random solar system in the universe – and in the process showed just how large the universe is – and went to explore it. “Probably no one’s ever been here before” said Murray as he scanned the planet for alien lifeforms. Upon landing his ship he jumped out to have a look around. The level of detail was incredible, complete with an undiscovered species of fish in a nearby lake.

The exploration is a key element of the game, but Murray reminded us that in the game there’s also “trading, fighting… survival” all in a universe that’s so large some planets may never be visited.

A release date for No Man’s Sky should be announced soon.


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