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WoodZone is an entrepreneurial sim in which the player takes on the role of a lumberjack. The goal of the game is to grow the company and become the boss. The player is able to create mechanisms that automate work, whilst the game also provides computers, cameras, vehicles, and much more.

Key features of WoodZone include:

  • Multiplayer mode, including the ability to interact with players from other parts of the world. This includes the ability to employ other players as employees and establish agreements with other players and corporations.
  • The development of the economy depends on several factors, such as the seasonal need for wood. The overall goal is to expand the infrastructure and increase revenue.
  • Production, including the ability to extract a variety of species of tree and take care of wood supplies.
  • Legal regulations, including the strict rules regarding felling and sound pressure, and various permissions that are required for activities and insurance.
  • Vehicles and equipment, including choosing vehicles fit for the terrain and temperature.
  • Construction, including building factories, residential homes, and other structures.
  • Procedurally generated world, featuring different climate zones (including desert and rainforests), urban and industrial structures, and trade activities.