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Seed is a simulation MMO in which players interact and work together to cement the success of their community. The overall goal is to colonise a vast planet and take responsibility for the future of humanity. Throughout the game, players must manage a variety of characters and establish routines, allowing these characters to develop communities organically. Crucially, every decision made by a player has a knock-on effect on the overall planet’s structure.

According to the developers, ‘Seed utilizes Improbable’s SpatialOS, which allows Seed to be a persistent, continuously running simulation, with all Seed-Universe game logic running and living on the technology’s powerful server.’

Key features of Seed include:

  • The ability to manage seedlings, forge relationships, an develop the hierarchy of the colony.
  • Complex behavioural patterns including birth, death, marriage – and conversely divorce, love and hate.
  • The ability to construct colonies that feel real with a very distinct purpose.
  • The ability to collaborate in order to ensure the success of colonisation.
  • The ability to manufacture products, commodities and structures.
  • The ability to procure and trade produce.
  • A focus on conflict and survival.