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Sandbox Evolution is a pixel art world creation game like no other. Your “godly touch” gives you the ability to craft or destroy unique worlds. You can build anything with over 200 elements and fully controllable heroes.

Blocks and platforming elements allow you to create your own levels – with the drawings of any character you like! Best of all, the online gallery showcases the amazing levels built by everyone around the world.

With the 9 exclusive campaign levels and the easy-to-use game maker, you’ll be able to build levels yourself in no time. You can also follow your favourite players and top creators so that you can play their most recent levels. There are over 754,000 fans in the game, so it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find a level you like.

Sandbox Evolution is available on PC as well as on iOS and Android so that you can play from anywhere you want.

Sandbox Evolution Trailer