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SamuTale is a multiplayer open world sandbox game with village building, player housing, survival, farming & livestock, full-loot PVP, realtime tree and plant growing, crafting and much more. The game website contains the following info about SamuTale:


Construct a village with your clan

Building and maintaining a village is your number one priority in SamuTale. Whether you like to settle alone or join a big clan, it’s important to have a safe place. Clan villages can be built anywhere you’d like, so it’s up to you to find a good spot.

Your clan village will be the main hub for your clan where you can do different kinds of things. Build your own house to store your goods, breed livestock and cultivate crops on your farm to generate food for yourself and your friends.

Full Loot PVP

Players fighting each other is something quite common in SamuTale. If you die in combat, you will sometimes lose your items which will result in the other player grabbing everything. That said, you can’t just randomly attack others and always grab their stuff.

In SamuTale we have a PvP tag system to prevent ganking. Killing people will give you a murderer tag for a certain amount of time. Being a murderer means you lose all your stuff when you die. If you’re not tagged, you will not lose your stuff. So the danger of losing items will only affect players that recently killed someone else.

Trading without Limitations

If you look at most other MMO’s you will find a very restricted economy in means of trading. In SamuTale we want to give the players as much freedom as possible, therefore it is possible to trade every item without limitations. You’ll often see games where certain items are ‘character bounded’, which simply means you can’t trade them with others. This is not the case in SamuTale, as we want to encourage people to trade.

Persistent Breathing World

We like to see the game world as a big sandbox where players use the world’s resources to survive and setup their own settlement. Every interactable tree and plant in SamuTale will have it’s own grow cycle. So in other words, you can gather herbs, fruits, cut down trees, but also replant them anywhere you like and watch them grow realtime.

Hack & Slash Style Action Combat

Tired of tab target based combat, spamming skills and rotations? In SamuTale you’ll find neither of these, as we implemented a hack & slash style action combat system were you have to aim your sword or bow to hit your target.

Classless Character System

In SamuTale you can wield weapons and armor without being limited by a class. Pick your favorite gear that fits your playstyle and create your own unique build. You are what you wear!

SamuTale – Development preview #2