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Legends of Ellaria is a real-time strategy game in which players are able to build kingdoms, fight battles, and explore an expansive, fantastical world. The player must first escape from their own crumbling world and make Ellaria their home. However, players must ensure they avoid hazards and enemies along the way.

Key features of Legends of Ellaria include:

  • Swapping between real-time strategy and first person modes
  • Constructing, recruiting and ruling
  • Controlling your character, as well as other character characters through first-person
  • Third-person character control and combat mode
  • Various weapons
  • Army management in RTS/third person mode
  • A variety of quests and locations to explore

The developers have confirmed that upcoming features will include:

  • World and regional map
  • More Main Story chapters
  • RPG leveling system and classes
  • Character and army design