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Industry Manager: Future Technologies is an economy simulation game that allows you to build your own empire in today’s world. The game offers a complex economic system and to succeed you must research and release new sustainable products.

The main aim of Industry Manager: Future Technologies is to build a profitable empire and be more profitable than competitors. You must take a market-oriented approach to design, produce, position and sell modern products. However, this won’t be very easy. You will face realistic challenges such as the competition from the global market.

In Industry Manage: Future Technologies you also have AI opponents to compete with. On top of competing with them, you can also buy stocks in your their companies and eventually take them over.

You have full decision-making power in Industry Manager: Future Technologies as well as access to 200 different products and other resources. You will have to adhere to the laws of demand and supply in order to beat your opponents and build the most profitable empire!

Industry Manager: Future Technologies Trailer