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The Forest Greatly Improves Graphics

Survival horror game The Forest has updated to the Unity 5 engine, giving the game vastly improved graphics.

Version 0.16 improves the shaders for many different parts of the environment, including plants and the ocean. The new graphics will also help The Forest run more smoothly on less capable machines.

The multiplayer has been improved as well, meaning that lag has been further reduced. The developers still accept that they haven’t perfected this and say that they will continue to work on reducing it even more.

The animals have also been improved. Geese will fly from lake to lake (you can track them if that’s what you’re into) and will deposit feathers when attacked (if that’s what you’re into). Deer will drink from lakes and will also stop magically running through trees (and into each other), which apparently isn’t very realistic. The grass now bends, meaning that you can spot a rabbit running along more easily.

They’ve also introduced a little scene meaning you see where the cannibals are dragging you to, if they knock you out and bring you back to a cave to be sacrificed, making it easier to find your way home if you manage to survive.

You can read the full changelog on the game’s Steam page here.

Here’s a look at the new version:

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