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Elite: Dangerous review

We’re not going to do a full Elite: Dangerous review, because we think PC Gamer have got it spot on.

It is a very slow-paced game, but in between the monotonous flying are moments of sheer joy and excitement. Elite: Dangerous is a game crying out for content expansions and patches. The foundations of the game are so strong; the graphics are amazing and polished and the style and design of everything in the game is unmatched – there’s just not a lot of it! Controlling your ship feels really satisfying when you get the hang of it, like a true realistic flight simulator – even if it can be infuriating and counter-intuitive when you start. Stick with it though and the game reveals itself as something revolutionary and utterly immersive.

We want to see things like station ownership, company formations or player-controlled guilds, mercenary hiring, remote buy and sell orders and so on. Not all of these will work, or fit with Frontier Developments vision for the game but like the sandbox universe they have created, the future of Elite is limitless.

Bring it on!

You can read PC Gamer’s review of Elite: Dangerous by clicking here at PC Gamer.

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